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Stress Management Training

Stress Management Training

CMCS-Nepal has developed the skill- based quality training course on stress management. Five-day training course is designed for psychosocial and mental health professionals to develop competent counselors in stress management. Training is facilitated by the experts in stress management having extensive practices and teaching on stress management primarily guided by eastern philosophy.

Training in School Counseling to teachers and school administrators

a. Three-day basic training is designed for teachers using Child- friendly Framework on developmental, behavioral, emotional and learning problems of children and adolescents. Training also builds the components of child-friendly and fearless teaching-learning techniques (tools) and psychosocial counseling services in school.

b. The advance level modular training in School Counseling is also available for school teachers and administrator with three modules of 5 days each. This training is recommended for those who have received and practiced basic module training. Modular training is designed with classroom sessions entailing with field based direct and distance supervision to strengthen confidence of participants in practicing skills of school counseling. Overall training package is designed with the objective of making teachers be able to manage mild and moderate developmental, learning, behavioral and emotional problems in school and complex cases are referred to higher service center.

Effective Parenting Care Training

Effective parenting training is provided along with school counseling. Parenting Care Training is designed and available upon request by the clients. The training package is designed for up-to five days based on the needs and the roles of parents to promote psychosocial wellbeing, all-round development of children and quality learning.

Standard & Tailor-made Training in Mental Health and psychosocial support:

CMCS-Nepal has adapted the WHO standard Mental Health Gap Action Program (mhGAP) and National Health Training Centre (NHTC). MoHP has approved training course for mental health and psychosocial service providers in the primary health care facilities. It is designed for six days and conducted by the senior consultant in neuro- psychiatrist.

Psychosocial support training is provided to nurses and health workers of primary health care facilities and NGOs community workers.

GBV Case Management Training:

This training is the adaptation of the standard training protocol developed and practiced by CMC- Nepal in its ongoing GBV prevention and response project. CMC-Nepal is highly recognized for its' strengths in building skills of case management team in OCMC and building community level response mechanisms for service and prevention.

Social Mobilization Training:

CMCS-Nepal believes in participatory and rights based development approach for improvement of socio- economic situation of marginalized and underprivileged communities and people in Nepal. With this belief, CMCS-Nepal organizes training in social mobilization by using REFLECT/PRA/PLA concepts and tools to impart knowledge and skills.